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Carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of build ings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, etc. Carpenters tradi tionally worked with natural wood

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  • We had read bad reviews and hesitated before placing our order but had no problems with them, because honestly we latter on find out that it is not easy to go about with logistics and transporation in Africa. We didn’t hear anything for about 10 days so sent an e mail reminder. They then said we would receive our delivery the following week and get a confirmation notification beforehand. We subsequently got an e mail saying our order would be delivered on the Friday with a reminder on the Thursday which is exactly what happened. The service was good although we would suggest gentle nudges along the way. We have already renew a new contract for 1600M3

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    • Ekaterina
    • Russia
  • We order 300 meter cubic of African Iroko hardboards, and we are really impressed with the quality of the cladding, delivered sooner than suggested and we'll packaged. Much better service than some of the negative reviews would have you believe. Longer wait than normal due to demand and COVID-19 otherwise canny. Will use again soonest.

    Client Image
    • Jonathan Lues
    • United Kingdom
  • Delivery took a long time, with very little/poor communication around delay. Wood arrived completed soaked and covered in thick mould. Am still trying to dry it out over a week later delivery so cannot plane/sand them. African Forest Timber is a good place for hard wood but you will need to good follow up with packing and the shipping agency choice. But quality is ok.

    Client Image
    • David Matinez
    • Mexico
  • Whilst delivery was initially delayed, our beams arrived per the revised schedule and we were extremely happy with the quality. Excellent service and good quality products. I will use this company a few times. Always good timber and delivery communication is always good.

    Client Image
    • Guy Campbell
    • Canada
  • I am very happy with the 700 cubic meter of African hardwood that I bought from African Forest Timber Ltd. They are a good quality product at a very fair price. Easy to communicate with at anytime and their service was very efficient throughout. The delivery shipping company was very skilled and helpful. This was the second time I have bought from this company and will do so again. Highly recommended. Thank you for a great service from on line ordering to polite and efficient delivery will recommend to others and definitely be using African Forest Timber Ltd again well done

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    • Designer
  • When most other suppliers were out of stock in Germany and I came through African Forest Timber Ltd with precisely what I needed and when I needed it that’s 2 container mixed hard word boards and beams, delivery was as scheduled. Good prices, easy to order, good delivery prices. Only problem was I didn't get a phone call to say they were going to deliver the next day so I wasn't in. The delivery was left in a good place and a neighbour sorted for me. I would recommend this company.

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    • Rohit Sharma
    • India

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