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Our History

About Us: African Forest Timber Ltd was established in 2014 as a family own business, but local legend says we started even before that operating as freelancers chain saw operators.  In 2019 the Executive Board decided to start a sustainable first lumber business specializing in the sale of fine-quality African hardwoods. Our interest in African rain forest wood comes from the founders upbringing in the West African rain forest village, where each school break holidays was a spectacular moment to tour the rain forest. The greater  part of his life as a kid till university was assisting his father in freelancing chain saw operations in the rain forest. So trees were always a part of his life.

Initially, we tried to store and sell a limited supply of hardwoods from our family garage in the city of Limbe, but quickly found space to be a critical problem. When the founders had the opportunity to purchase a small warehouse building just outside of town, they jumped at the chance, even though they could not afford it. We sold our house and moved into a small room on the property so we could buy the building to store more hardwoods (increasing inventory) and have a woodworking area for bee hives production.

Most of our business was directed to the local community, although we did (and we still do) receive orders from as far away as North Region. Each day brought a new request for the company back then and it still does for African Forest Timber Ltd today. In 2018 when African Forest Timber bought if first mobile saw mill (Lucas Mill to expand the services and product line, while making custom milling and personalized customer service a cornerstone of the business. Now African Forest Timber Ltd operate multiple mobile saw mills from West to Centre Africa with large mobile mills such as, supper slabers, slabers, saws, and chain saws mills, African Forest Timber Ltd can produce just about anything from custom trim to full slab dimensional lumber from many African rain forest tree species and almost any size you choose.

Afotimber Timeline & History

Afotimber Timeline & History

February 10 2022

Looking Forward

Over more than half a decade of success, AFOTIMBER, has always been the reliable choice for contractors, builders and hardwood importers in Europe, Asia and America. AFOTIMBER focuses on customer needs, delivering reliable products and services that engender long-term trust. During the past 9-plus years, much has changed, but AFOTIMBER core values still hold true today. The company continues to be dedicated to providing high-quality hardwood lumber and building blanks for contractors, builders and individuals. AFOTIMBER enables you to buy easier, so you can export faster! What’s in our future? More reliability, more high-quality hardwood and softwood and natural honey production—and, always, customer service you can count on. That’s been the company’s mission since 2014, and we pledge to continue that tradition throughout the next 100 years.

August 30 2018

Researching Sustainable Forestry

To further our efforts to establish timber as a crop campaign, African Forest Timber Ltd, Executive Committee commissioned a new study in sustainable yield forestry. To renew our efforts to sustainable forest logging, our company used selective logging, which left the smaller trees in the forest to grow and reseed the area for later harvest. The first decade of the new millennium was marked by a maturing of the company’s environmental awareness into a comprehensive sustainability plan. The company began publishing an annual sustainability report for stakeholders. Today, 80 percent of AFOTIMBER are certified to sustainable forestry standards.

January 30 2017

AFOTIMBER Community Apiary Project

An environmental project and an award-winning community producer. What started as an interest in the humble honeybee has grown into a larger project that now includes a unique ‘bee forest’, a pollinator-friendly planting scheme, half a dozen incredible products, and a sustained effort to promote biodiversity in our community. We’re proud to train and support our communities to harvest only the very best raw honey, we don’t mess with it, we don’t pasteurise it, we don’t add anything to it at all. It comes straight from the hive the way our bees made it. After all, they know best. Honey is incredibly precious, the bees work hard to make it and we only harvest the excess leaving nature to continue this perfect cycle every year. Continue Reading About AFOBEE Hives

April 7 2016

AFOTIMBER’S First Timber Forester Hired

The Regional Government of Cameroun began offering long-term timber exploration harvesting licenses in exchange for school furniture from companies assuming the responsibility of management and reforestation of logged areas. To assume this responsibilities, African Forest Timber Ltd, hired it first forester who is involve in the science of managing our forest, taking final call on harvesting trees, monitoring ecological impact of harvesting timber, determining whether to approve a Timber Harvest Plan (THP), keeping track of yields and marking trees for harvest.

February 17 2015

The first Community Forest Exploration Agreement is signed

The first Local Community Forest Exploration Agreement is signed in Ekondo Titi, South West Region in February 2015 and logging operations began in the dry season of 2014. Afotimber began it sustainability forest logging management. And since then we have continues to create exceptional experiences for its co-workers, customers, and community

November 11 2014

Humble Beginning African Forest Timber Ltd, is Founded

African Forest Timber Ltd, a family own business was created after searching for months for the right investment in the African continent. They raised $50,000 and were profitable almost immediately, financing to purchase mobile Lucas Mill and chain saws for forest exploration in the South West region. African Forest Timber Ltd core principle of controlling costs was born in these difficult first years as a defense against wildly volatile local lumber markets in Cameroon.

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Our Company

African Forest Timber Ltd is passionate about sustainably growing African forestry and continues to plant trees to counteract massive and rapid deforestation (The World Bank estimates that Sub-Saharan Africa will deforest 1.3 million hectares per annum). African Forest Timber Ltd also complies with the best forestry, social and environmental practices, as audited annually to comply with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) certification. Buy Wholesale Lumber

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Our Comitment to Clients

We work hard to serve our customers’ best interest and to mill pieces to specified measurements. All times, because this is custom millwork, it may take longer than expected to get your pieces just the way you order them. Without proper finishing and since wood is a natural element, it can continue to move due to humidity or the drying process. If there are ever any issues with your order, please feel free to contact us FIRST and let us make it right. Thank you.

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