• created 1 331 jobs, the majority of which are rural
  • Committed to paying above market wages for unskilled labour
  • Invested over $9 million in our strategic community development programme impacting over 465 000 people
  • Distributed 6.5 million tree seedlings to 5,000 neighbouring farmers
  • Built 3 high schools and 30 double classroom blocks and dormitories
  • Built 31 clean water points
  • Built 9 health centres or doctors accommodation


  • Planted over 38 million trees to date, making us the second largest private tree planter in the region
  • Manage over 13,500 ha of conservation land
  • Contributed a net reduction in greenhouse gasses of over 325,000 tons of CO2 emissions last financial year.
  • Certified the majority of our plantations through the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) including annual audits for international best practices of responsible forestry


  • Became the largest regional producer of electricity transmission poles, contributing to an estimated 53,000 kilometres of electricity grid
  • Contribute tens of millions in import substitution and forex savings each year
  • Currently paying $2-3 million in taxes annually contributing to the financial sustainability of East African governments
  • Spent $1.7 million on rural road construction and maintenance to date
  • Founding member of Forestry East Africa industry association
  • Built 3 transmission pole treatment plans and 2 sawmills, diversifying the economies into rural manufacturing
  • Committed to the highest ethical standards and anti-corruption