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Lumber/Timber Delivery

African Forest Timber Ltd Export sawn timber worldwide and also supply the local market. The minimum order volume is  100 m3 (Five 20 foot maritime container capacity). For supply in the market local market of Cameroon, we can deliver small volumes, but not less than 20 m3 ((1 trailer load capacity).


  1. You send us your Proposal or RFQ to our sales team at: contracts@afotimber.com
  2. We review your request of specification such as; tree species, time, dimension, wood quality, quantity, destination port and many more.
  3. If all looks good we set up communication via skype and WhatsApp for further clarifications.
  4. If all goes well we send a Due payment invoice or an interim invoice to break down the value of a large project into multiple payments.
  5. We receive payment and initiate your lumber supply project. If we have wood specie(s) already stock then we move to step 7 .
  6. In case where we do not have your wood specie(s) in our warehouse, we will begin harvesting of your requested and sawing your wood from our community forest the next business day. This process may take about 5 – 8 weeks depending on the season of the year. We can only export Kiln Dry wood so that the moisture content of wood can be reduced to a target point without having any drying defects.
  7. Carrier delivery or Shipment (heavy-duty motor vehicles, maritime container) in compliance with Incoterms 2010 (FCA, DAP, CIF, CFR FOB).
    • FOB or Free Carrier” means that the delivery occurs when African Forest Timber Ltd passes the Lumber/timber to a carrier or another party selected by the customer, at own place or any other destination. The customer is recommended to clearly define the delivery port as the customer assumes the risk and responsibility at that very point.
    • DAP (Delivered at Place or Delivery At Destination Port)
      “Delivered at Place” means that the delivery occurs when African Forest Timber Ltd hands the Lumber/timber over to the customer on ready-for-upload the vehicle at the agreed destination. African Forest Timber Ltd assumes all risks related to delivering the goods to the agreed destination.
    • CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight)
      “Cost Insurance and Freight” means that African Forest Timber Ltd delivers lumber/timber to the vessel or places the goods delivered that way at the customer’s disposal. The risk of loss or damage is transferred once the goods have been loaded on board. African Forest Timber Ltd has to conclude an agreement and cover all expenses and freight costs necessary for delivering the Lumber/timber to the agreed destination or port. African Forest Timber Ltd also has to conclude an insurance agreement covering the risk of losing or damaging the goods during shipment.
    • CFR (Cost and Freight)
      “Cost and Freight” means that African Forest Timber Ltd delivers Lumber to the vessel or places the Lumber delivered that way at the customer’s disposal. The risk of loss or damage is transferred once the Lumber have been loaded on board. African Forest Timber Ltd has to conclude an agreement and cover all expenses and freight costs necessary for delivering the Lumber to the agreed destination.
The delivery cost depends on the distance, weight, and volume of the ordered lumber/timber. Date and time of delivery have to be agreed on with the sales department.

Payment Methods and Terms

To be competitive in business today, African Forest Timber Ltd  has to think globally. At African Forest Timber Ltd we understand that to sell internationally, it’s critical to offer appropriate payment methods that are safe and have favorable terms for both the customer (importer) and our company (exporter). There are risks involved in international trade. Importers want to receive their goods before making payment, and exporters want to be paid before they release the goods. This is why African Forest Timber Ltd deem it necessary that reliable payment methods are important.

There are two main types of payment methods we accept:

1. Cash in Advance

The cash in advance method is the safest for African Forest Timber Ltd because they are securely paid before goods are shipped and ownership is transferred. Typically payments are made by wire transfers to our company bank account name: African Forest Timber Ltd

Unfortunately trust problems have made first time customers as the least desirable method for most customers because they fear the risk of goods not being shipped, and it is also not favorable for business cash flow. That is why in must case we may invite you to pay  40% cash in advance with a free air ticket and hotel with visa arrangement if necessary. African Forest Timber Ltd will lodge you in a local hotel in Cameroon for 30 days, so that you can supervise your timber before it is loaded in the maritime containers. If you choose not to travel to Cameroon, we can make available one of our representative to meet you in your destination or in Dubai for a positive face to face meeting. Please always verify with our office to confirm any meeting to avoid fraud.


2. Documentary Letter of Credit or Payment Against BL Upon Verification.

Cash in advance is mostly accepted by long term customers or for small purchases. At African Forest Timber Ltd we understand that no exporter who requires only this method of payment can be competitive, that is why we accept a documentary credit, or letter of credit, as our second payment method which is basically a promise by the customer’s bank to pay African Forest Timber Ltd if all terms of the contract are executed properly. This is one of the most secure methods of payment preferred by must first time customers.

African Forest Timber Ltd will accept a Documentary Letter of Credit if the customer has not established credit with the same bank where we have active open business accounts in the name of African Forest Timber Ltd and also if we are comfortable with the customers bank.

Here is a summary of the general steps we follow in a documentary letter of credit transaction:

  1. The contract is negotiated and confirmed.
  2. The customer applies for the documentary letter of credit with their bank.
  3. The documentary credit is set up by the issuing bank and the African Forest Timber Ltd and our local bank (United Bank For Africa -UBA) are notified by the customer’s bank.
  4. The lumber/timber Loaded in the maritime company shipping container(s). A bank officer verify the lumbers before and after its loaded to the maritime shipping containers.
  5. Documents verifying the shipment and all terms of the sale are provided by African Forest Timber Ltd to the bank where we have an active business bank account (United Bank For Africa -UBA)   and then our bank sends the documents to the customer’s issuing bank.
  6. The issuing bank verifies the documents and issues payment to the our bank (United Bank For Africa -UBA).
  7. Note that if our bank does not confirm payment, we will not allow the maritime containers to depart and this will be indicated in our draft agreement of our Documentary Letter of Credit.

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