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Project Description

n order to demonstrate the company’s commitment to protecting conservation values in its forests, the company has trained its stock survey team on how to identify HCVs. This led to the identification of the bareheaded rock fowl in the Nkrabea Forest Reserve. The findings were corroborated by Ghana Wildlife Society (GWS). Recently, the company contracted ProForest to carry out HCVs assessment in all its Concessions/TUC areas, which has since been completed.

The care-taker of the Birds pointing at the Clay-like Nests
of the Bird on the rock surface
A picture of a Chick of the Bird (White-Necked Picathartes)

Project Information

  • Project Title: protecting conservation values
  • Location: Cameroon
  • Surface Area: 475900 m2
  • Estimated Completion: N/A
  • Project Duration: On Going
  • Project Manager: Nkeng David
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