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This weekend we saw the final Smash Ultimate Summit take place, one last event before BTS bows out of competitive Smash. The tournament saw a bit of a surprise finish though. Major names were knocked out early. The final bracket saw Acola triumph, taking the win with Steve, Ultimate’s most controversial character.

This is what happened over the finals and why the final Smash Ultimate Summit 6 has been one to mark a changing point in the game.

Final Smash Ultimate Summit 6 Results

Smash Ultimate Summit 6 was a full four-day event, but the final bracket is where we saw the biggest surprises. This event had a stacked roster before it took place, with MkLeo, Sparg0, Tweek, and more attending. It’s a Steve player that defined the weekend though, showing why he’s top of the Smash Bros tier list right now.

In a bit of a twist though, the final bracket saw two of the biggest competitors knocked out early. MKLeo and Sparg0 both suffered an early loss, leaving the bracket looking pretty different. This was after MKLeo had a particularly unexpected round where he busted out Meta Knight. That’s been a rare showing in high-level Smash lately. Acola’s run would see him defeat quite a few major names in Smash, including Glutonnny and ProtoBanham.

In the top four, things had narrowed down considerably. The Winners bracket began with Tweek and Big D fighting it out in the first match. Here, Tweak triumphed with a 3-1 game. In the losers’ final, Big D then had to face Acola. one of the best Steve players was up against his Ice Climbers where he showed why Steve is such a threat in Smash right now. This set the stage for a Tweek V acola finale that didn’t disappoint. MKLeo might have been out early, but the new Luminosity signings have gotten off to a good start for the team still.

Acola Takes Final Smash Summit Crown with Steve

Source: Beyond the Summit

The final round saw a full reset forced, after acola took Tweek 3-2. In the second section of four, acola dropped the first round but went on to win the next three. He’s cemented himself as one of the top Smash players here. The big question though is how long that will last.

At the end of the tournament, Acola has cemented the title for Smash Summit for a Japanese player, but also a Steve win at the final BTS Smash event. With more and more tournaments looking at Steve bans, this dominance for the character might not last.

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