Jagex just announced that the first part of the Forestry Expansion for Old School RuneScape will be launching today on PC and mobile platforms. This expansion builds on the woodcutting skill to make things more “social and dynamic”. You can even explore with friends and get an XP bonus if you chop the same tree together. Alongside today’s expansion, the Woodcutting skill has seen some changes with timers of trees being despawned. This expansion also introduces spontaneous events that can occur when trees are felled with a Forestry kit. The events can see players encounter Remote Banking Leprechauns, Rising Roots, Struggling Saplings, and Flowering Trees. Despite being the first part of the expansion, this one will include new items and craftables including the Lumberjack outfit and more. Watch the Old School RuneScape Forestry expansion trailer below:

Following today’s launch of Old School RuneScape Forestry part one, part two will be released in August bringing in new leaves, tea brewing, and bonfires. A community poll and more is available on the official Old School RuneScape to vote for when the new Sailing skill arrives for the lock-in vote. This year has also seen the first time Jagex began the process of bringing in a new skill in the game’s 10 year history. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Check out the official website here for both games. Do you play Old School RuneScape on mobile or PC often and what do you think of this expansion?

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